Zeepkist FAQ

Last updated: May 11, 2021

You have questions, I have answers!

Zeepkist is (soon to be) in Early Access, this means that it's not done yet, that you can expect updates, and that generally there's some uncertainty. To that end, I've made a list of frequently asked questions, that will hopefully answer every question about Zeepkist that you might have!

❓ ️Where do I find the Zeepkist community?

🗣️ I'll drop some links!

🔸️ Discord: discord.gg/kmfaaQg

🔸️ Steam Forums: steamcommunity.com/app/1440670/discussions/

🔸️ Twitter: twitter.com/ZeepkistGame

❓ ️I am the press, where do I find the presskit?

🗣️ Right here! steelpan.dev/press-zeepkist

❓ ️How many developers does Zeepkist have?

🗣️ Just one, me! Yannic Geurts

❓ ️If there's just one developer, what is Steelpan Interactive?

🗣️ It's my game studio! I need it for tax purposes and legal stuff like that.

❓ ️Okay but what is a Steelpan?

🗣️ It's from "Het Steelpannetje", roughly translated to "Little Saucepan", which is what we call the Big Dipper! I like stars and space, and the Saucepan always points you north. I thought that was poetic.

❓ Will Zeepkist get more expensive towards full release?

🗣️ Yes! I'm going to follow the Minecraft method of pricing, with different price steps at Alpha, Beta, and Release.

❓ Why is there no music in Zeepkist?

🗣️ Because Zeepkist isn't done yet! I'm planning to add plenty of music down the road!

❓ ️Will Zeepkist have online multiplayer?

🗣️ Maybe. For a single developer, online multiplayer is pretty hard to program, and I don't have the money to hire additional programmers. I'm planning to look around for simple to set-up online multiplayer solutions in the future.

❓ ️Will Zeepkist come to [insert platform other than PC here]?

🗣️ That's also unlikely, for the same reason as why there will not likely be an online multiplayer mode. It's hard, and it costs money.

❓ Does Zeepkist have Steam Workshop support for uploading/downloading player created courses?

🗣️ Yes! Workshop Support was added in the Version 4 update!

❓ The cats, do they get hurt?

🗣️ The cats in Zeepkist are completely invincible and they feel no pain! The same goes for the Zeepkist characters, by the way.

❓ What are the Zeepkist characters?

🗣️ I'm not entirely sure! But they're bouncy and they can't get hurt! Maybe that explains why they're completely okay with soapbox courses that have loops and wallrides and rotating hammers.

❓ Why is Zeepkist so Dutch?

🗣️ Why is the internet so American?

❓ How do you prefer your friet?

🗣️ Speciaal. With frikandel speciaal. An extra bamischijf if I feel like it!

❓ Do you like cheese?

🗣️ All of them.

❗ ️I have a question that you didn't answer!

🗣️ You are more than welcome to tweet @ZeepkistGame or join the Zeepkist Discord! 🥳